Syndicate Trading Platform

Portfolio & Back Office Management for Syndicate Traders

Syndicate Funds have experienced bottlenecks in the management of securities and money transfers, as no appropriate centralized Back-Office and Portfolio management system has existed. As such, there has never been a way to automatically interrelate downloaded transaction confirmations coming from disparate Cash and Prime Brokerage accounts, making timely fund-wide inter-account reporting impossible. Unable to keep track in an efficient manner, back-office costs were high, while fund efficiency and profitability suffered. Historically, Syndicate Funds have coped by employing personnel to assist in these matters, painstakingly reconciling voluminous inter-account transactions. Without incurring that expense, timely reporting would be impossible, and unauthorized trades, fees, and botched transfers and deliveries would go unnoticed until it was too late to reverse them.

AccounTrex™, a cloud based SaaS Back-Office, Portfolio and Subscription Management solution developed together with Syndicate Traders, addresses the issues mentioned above, resulting in highly efficient operations, lower costs and increased profits. Centralized portfolio management is enabled through automatic download of balance and transaction data from all Cash and Prime Broker accounts in a Fund's ecosystem. AccounTrex™ interrelates multiple Prime, DVP and Cash account activity via patent-pending automatic transaction matching algorithms. In doing so, inter-account cash transfers and security deliveries can be easily managed and tracked, giving Syndicate Trading funds the automated back-office management solution that they have needed for so long. Now, accounts can be automatically reconciled, and reports can be generated on the fly, showing P&L, Broker & Underwriter Performance, and more. Deals can now be subscribed for in an efficient manner as well, thanks to a smart Allocation Blotter and DealGrid.

Deal Management

  • Multi- entity & account indication, allocation & trade blotters
  • Streamlined multi-entity & account allocation trade entry
  • Automatic import of newly announced deal info
  • Enter data once. That’s it. Allocations & trades entered into the Blotters or Ledger are used across all system features: Reports, Prime Broker upload, reconciliation, etc.

Back-Office Automation

  • Transaction & Account Balance Data Downloaded Directly From Brokers
  • Patent-pending automated inter-account transaction matching
  • Automatic reconciliation for any & all accounts
  • Custom tag transactions for reference, report filtration, or for assigning percentages for special P&L consideration
  • Rapidly upload & affirm trades with Prime Broker
  • Account & Broker Contact Management
  • Monitor late free deliveries & resultant account drawdowns
  • Alerts for late free deliveries & debit balances
  • Projected cash availability based on future stock deliveries & historical account free delivery timing

Centralized Portfolio Management

  • Monitor automatically matched cross-account positions for a true global view of fund-wide holdings
  • View fund-wide aggregated account balances
  • Easily reveal unauthorized  or errant allocations, wires & commissions
  • Rapid multi-entity & account trade entry
  • Full Forex support

Performance Reporting

  • Broker Performance Report Displays account profit versus commission paid, as well as % of profit & payout for partners via custom Tags
  • Automatic custom P&L reports
  • Filter P&L Reports to display account allocation performance assessment, past deal analysis, underwriter performance, you name it.

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