Portfolio & Back Office Management

Benefits for Funds & Traders (DVP, Cash or Combined)

AccounTrex is the first portfolio & back office management system that truly automates trade matching across different accounts and account types, such as all DVP, Prime Broker and Cash accounts within a fund. This allows you to boost profits by focusing more on trading, and less on back-office issues.

Back-Office Automation

  • Transaction & Account Balance Data Downloaded Directly From Brokers
  • Patent-pending automated inter-account transaction matching
  • Automatic reconciliation for any & all accounts
  • Custom tag transactions for reference, report filtration, or for assigning percentages for special P&L consideration
  • Rapidly upload & affirm trades with Prime Broker
  • Account & Broker Contact Management
  • Track progress of free deliveries & wires
  • Alerts for delinquent free deliveries & account debit balances

Centralized Portfolio Management

  • Monitor automatically matched cross-account positions for a true global view of fund-wide holdings
  • View fund-wide aggregated account balances
  • Easily reveal unauthorized  or errant trades, wires & commissions
  • Rapid multi-entity & account trade entry

Performance Reporting

  • Broker Performance Report Displays account profit versus commission paid, as well as % of profit & payout for partners via custom Tags
  • Automatic custom P&L reports

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